Round 1 For the Resistance!

The Trump regime is stumbling, punch drunk from repeated blows. But this is only the first round, and we still have a lot of hard fighting ahead of us if we want to see the opponent flat on the canvas. Here’s a quick roundup of some of the hits Trumpism has already taken:

  • On Inauguration Day, a fierce antifascist Black Bloc took to the streets of DC. Resisters successfully blockaded several entrances to the inauguration itself, combining with the already-low turnout to create a complete humiliation for Trump on Day 1 of the new regime. Also, Trump-heiling Alt-Right trust fund kid Richard Spencer got punched in the face by an Antifa fighter.
  • Just one day later, the Women’s March drew massive crowds in defiance of Trump – 500,000 people in DC alone, 5 million worldwide. No public events in support of Trump have drawn numbers even close to this.
  • Trump’s first attempt at a Muslim Ban was met with spontaneous blockades, airport occupations and demonstrations in multiple cities. Then a federal judge overturned the ban. Then it happened again, leaving Trump powerless to impose one of his central policy goals. Although federal agents initially showed a willingness to defy any judge’s ruling in mindless obedience to their leader, the bans went down in flames anyway – at least for now.
  • Alt-Lite opportunist Milo Yiannopoulos hoped to use his talk at UC Berkeley on 2/1 to out undocumented students and teach his fascist buddies how to do the same – until the resistance showed up in large numbers and Antifa stormed the building, forcing him to flee. Trump found this so irritating he threatened to somehow find the authority to pull the university’s funding. Unfortunately for Milo, the media spotlight caught the attention of a Canadian teenager, who remembered something nobody else did – Milo’s public comments in support of pedophilia. Just like that, his career was over. When they try to tell you that we should ignore the fascists instead of publicly confronting them, remember this.
  • On 3/4, resisters all over the country turned out to challenge the “March 4 Trump,” leading to fierce street battles between Antifa and armed fascists in Berkeley.
  • On 3/25, the “Make America Great Again” March in Philly was turned back and shut down by a large antifascist Black Bloc. Many other MAGA marches around the country were also confronted and challenged by resisters, who often outnumbered the Trumpists in the streets.
  • As soon as Trump was elected, collaborationist politicians signaled their willingness to “work with” him, but grassroots Democrats and other resisters were having none of it. In a massive and ongoing campaign of letter-writing, phone calls, emails and confrontational town hall meetings, voters let their so-called representatives have it until they found something resembling a spine. As a direct result, Trump just couldn’t find the votes he needed to pass his Obamacare repeal-and-replace plan – the biggest public humiliation he’s faced so far.

This would never have happened if we hadn’t stepped in the ring in the first place. Some people will try to tell you we went too far, too fast – we didn’t wait and see, we didn’t give Trump a chance.

Those people are dead wrong. If we had done as they asked, the Muslim ban would have gone unchallenged. Fascist spokesmen like Spencer and Milo would be recruiting and organizing unopposed. Trump would be busy consolidating his power instead of stumbling around looking foolish and wondering what just happened to him. Resistance works, and if you don’t want to live in a totalitarian state you need to join the fight and do it now.

Despite our victories, Trump is already doing a lot of harm. He approved the DAPL pipeline and sent in the goons to break up Standing Rock. He unleashed ICE on immigrant communities throughout the US. He’s appointing right-wing extremists to cabinet positions, gutting environmental protections and waging a war of terror on noncombatants in Muslim countries. This isn’t something that might happen if things get worse – people are dying today under this regime, people are sitting behind bars and barbed wire today because of this regime.

All forms of resistance contribute to the struggle. Your way of resisting might be to write a letter or make a phone call, to join a permitted march or to confront fascism on the streets with Antifa. We don’t all have to resist in the same way, just do whatever makes sense to you. But do something. There is no excuse for not resisting!