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Popular Front welcomes writers from different political persuasions, as long as they are focused on solidarity, protest, and direct action to defeat the Far Right. If you’re interested in writing for this site, fill out the form below, and tell us about your background and what you would like to write. A few things to bear in mind:

  1. Popular Front is focused on resistance, not electoral politics. We aren’t looking for articles on how the Democrats could win in 2020 or why you should vote for the Greens or any similar topic.
  2. We’re looking for articles on resistance activities and protests, information security and counter-surveillance practices, movement tactics and strategy, sanctuary for immigrants, exposes of alt-right or white supremacist groups, and analysis of the Trump administration and its activities (with a view to preventing them from achieving their goals).
  3. We will publish communiques from groups involved in direct action, but you might want to contribute these anonymously.

To fill out the form, you only need to enter a comment or message.  That said, if you’d like a response from us, please be sure to provide some means of contacting you either within that message or using the dedicated name and email fields.